Our Process

At the heart of every communication assignment, lies a simple 4 stage process perfected over a period of time. Nothing complex, no business school jargon just simple straightforward steps which helps us fulfill the needs of our clients.


Step number One, we give our clients a patient hearing, understand their requirements. They talk we listen, the most critical part of any creative communication. Listening makes us understand, understanding makes us think, Simple


After listening to the requirements of the client and understanding their needs we present our advice. Our advice is based on experience, technical expertise & practical knowhow accumulated over the years.

Frank, Honest and sometimes painfully blunt, however completely unambiguous.


Well-known time management guru 'Allan Lakein' has quoted "Failing to plan is planning to fail". We take this piece of advice pretty seriously. Each project at Craft is carefully planned with the minutest details..

We put in our maximum effort at this stage as we believe the end result is the direct outcome of planning. Better the planning faster the execution.


That brings us to the final stage of our process execution. All the endless meetings, brain storming and planning culminate into the execution stage. After all, customers don't see a strategy, per se, they see the results of how a strategy is communicated.

We chart out a time bound roadmap for the deliverables. From rough sketches to the final creatives every stage is tied down to a set timeline.